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Richard Banks: Priorities

  • Starting Today, Acting President Banks will have full schedule, including signing 2 executive orders, review 10 bills that were proposed for Reproductive Protections, Economic Relief Packages as well as 2 that were related to school safety measures. Under the Jesstopian Constitution, the acting President must receive approval to sign legislation from the entirety of President McCallum's Cabinet as require approval from the Speaker of the House Of The People.

  • He will also address Congress late this afternoon, where he will outline the administration's plans to continue funding education safety changes, Jesstopian reproductive rights and ensure that Jesstopians are protected from COVID-19. He will also lay down the foundation work for a new cancer fund that was proposed by President John McCallum. He will discuss some preliminary details with Congress.

  • Finally, acting President Banks will also outline plans to ensure an increased presence of law enforcement at Government Buildings amid fallout from Roe V Wade decision in the US.

John McCallum - President Of The United States Of Jesstopia

Welcome To The Nationalist House

Richard Banks - VP Of The United States Of Jesstopia

The Nationalist House Of The United States Of Jesstopia is the executive mansion that sits at 019 Nationalist Ave, Rufus County, New Shire, 11443. The Mansion is the official residence of the President Of The United States Of Jesstopia. The House, which was established on October 2, 1806, by Jesstinian The Great is used as the executive office and residence of the leader or President of the United States Of Jesstopia.