Pres. McCallum Addresses Nox City Residents

President McCallum Visits Nox City, North Lorray

RUFUS - President McCallum today visited Nox City where he addressed concerned city residents and to reassure them that the Federal Investigators are committed to bringing the terrorist to justice. During his visit with residents, he expressed great concern for other high rise buildings within the city.

He expressed how his administration was working with city officials to fund construction to replace or repair the current structure. The building in question is beyond repairable and city officials want it knocked down. President McCallum announced 45 million dollars for the redevelopment of the building.

He prayed with the residents who then began asking questions related to the bombing. Many of the residents showed him pictures of their lost loved ones. He then promised justice again for not only the victims, but the families that are dealing with their losses. He said he was pushing the death penalty and is expecting the terrorist(s) to face certain death.

During his speech, he gave an update regarding the measures the Nationalist House is taking to ensure heightened security within the City. He announced that over 250 million would be invested in military installations throughout the city and within the State of North Lorray.