Continued Delivery Of Necessary Weaponry, Ammunition And Armor To Ukraine

As A Nation, we are committed to protecting and defending any democracy that wishes to emerge, sustain, or endure. Furthermore, The United States Of Jesstopia will continue to support Ukraine, in its fight against Russian Attacks. Ukraine has no lack of National Pride, with President Zelensky doing an extraordinary job with keeping Ukrainians hopeful for a brighter, safer and more secure future.

As of February 27, 2022, I am ordering continued supply runs, from the United States Of Jesstopia to Ukraine, to provide weaponry, armor, ammunition and other necessities required by Ukraine. We as many other nations, including the United Kingdom, United States and Canada and several others. We will continue to support Ukrainians in their hour of need, and will never, and I mean never, stop helping them fight the Russian Attacks.

With Jesstopian Forces firmly on the borders of Ukraine, we expect an onslaught of devastation to come, but don't be fooled, our troops are ready to take on the Military of one of the most Tyrannical Governments and Nations on the planet, Russia.

As mentioned before, we will continue sending any aid Ukraine needs and any tools, equipment, and military vehicles they may need to defeat Putin and his Military.

May Ukraine Prosper, and May Jesstopia Be Of Assistance To An Ally,

John H. McCallum

John H. McCallum

President Of The United States Of Jesstopia.