President McCallum Declares National Emergency

OCTOBER 19, 2023 - A Message From President John McCallum

Today, October 19, 2023, I, with powers vested in me as President Of The United States Of Jesstopia have declared a national state of emergency as the attacks on Israel by Hamas continue, and as violent protests in support of Palestine continue to spread across the world. Yesterday's protests at the United States Capitol which saw over 300 people arrested, crawl as a reminder to all National governments that there is a real likelihood that these violent protests will happen within their countries.

As President Of The United States Of Jesstopia, I am enacting several executive orders which can be accessed here, as follows which will grant the Jesstopian military, Jesstopian police officers, licensed security officers, and other first responders the rights to arrest, detain, or hold temporarily pending investigation under the "Martial Law Act of 1875," which can be found in Title 46, Section 265, Subsection 8.

Under Presidential Authority Found in Title 16, Section 98, Subsection 5, it says "any president, may in times of great need, under an emergency declaration, or where deemed necessary for the protection, preservation of safety and security of life, property and national security, can enact in full, both temporary and/or permanent deputation of city, county, state and federal officers from the general public who are of sound and moral character."

Secondly, I will order the immediate arrest of Palestinian citizens, Hamas Terrorist Group associates, and any person deemed an enemy of the United States Of Jesstopia. Let me be 100 percent clear, our nation will not take kindly to these terrorists who have killed Americans, British Citizens, Canadians, and other allied citizens. Immediate detention of those part of the above-listed category. They will be taken into the custody of Prisoner Of War and will remain in Jesstopian Military Custody.

The Department Of Defense is also aware of the ongoing situation and has agreed to take prisoners of war during the Jesstopian-Hamas War.  We support our Israel allies and have committed 200 million dollars for humanitarian aid, J100 Million dollars provided by US President Joe Biden. The Department Of Defense is also commissioning over 10,000 servicemen and servicewomen by November 10, 2023.

Thank you for continuing to follow National Guidance as the war between Hamas and Israel continues. TRAVEL BANS ARE STILL IN EFFECT FOR ISRAEL AND PALESTINE.

John McCallum

John McCallum

President Of The United States Of Jesstopia