Addressing The November 22 Niagara Falls NY Border Bombing


November 22, 2023 -

On November 22, 2023, a car bomb was detonated on the Rainbow Bridge, in Niagara Falls, NY, United States. The bridge is one of the main border entry/exit points between the US and Canada. The bombing occurred a little after 1:30 PM. As we continue to monitor this situation, we ask Jesstopians who are traveling to and from the US or Canada, to exercise extreme caution.

The bomb, was placed in a US-bound vehicle, and was detonated near the US entry, and exploded near one of the Border Patrol guard stations. The United States Customs And Border Protection(BPS) and Federal Bureau Of Investigation(FBI), are investigating the bombing. At this time the United States Of Jesstopia, has banned travel to and from the US and Canada, pending findings of the investigation.

At this time I am suspending entry into our nation, and extending existing border closures until September 2024. At this time, I am also amending several other laws to grant special permission to the Jesstopian military and law enforcement to act as agents of the Federal Government in cases were terrorism is suspected and may become a threat to this country.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the entirety of America, and we are working to resolve any border weaknesses here at home. May god bless the entirety of the United States and the entirety of the United States Of Jesstopia.

-- John McCallum

President Of The United States