Response To Invasion Of Ukraine By Russia

To My Fellow Jesstopians,

At 8:00 AM, Russia launched an attack on a great ally of Jesstopia, Ukraine. As many of you know and are currently aware of, Ukraine and Russia's fight began back in 2014, furthering any tensions between the two nations. As a Nation, and one of our Closest allies as well as a fellow member of NATO, we are hurting for those who lost their lives in their battle against Vladimir Putin and the Russian Armed Forces.

However, the interest of Jesstopia and the troops here at home and overseas fighting other battles, we cannot afford to enter this conflict. Our best course of action would be to provide tools, weaponry, artillery, tanks and other military equipment to ensure all Ukrainians are protected from the merciless Russians.

With that being said, our nation stands with the Ukrainian People, and would like to remain neutral with both sides. We however believe that peace needs to be restored, and will most likely not be accomplished in the coming weeks, months or even years. Furthermore, we will continue to monitor the situation as Russian draws nearer and nearer to Ukraine's capital. We will continue to communicate with our NATO friends and our allies. We don't want to start conflict where conflict can be avoided altogether.

We are with the Ukrainian people as we navigate this war, and hope that we can remain neutral to ensure domestic and international peace once this war is over.

Thank You,

John H McCallum

John H McCallum

President Of The United States Of Jesstopia