President McCallum On The Passing Of Supreme Court Justice Leanne Basett


It is with a heavy heart that I've learned of the passing of Supreme Court Justice Leanne Basett who broke barriers on the Supreme Court during her more than 5 years on the Court. Her approach to tough subject matter gave women around the nation and world hope for what women could do to better their country. She served with compassion, care and support for women around the globe.

Every ruling she made on the Supreme Court directly reflected the core values of our great nation. She followed the Constitution very strictly, and never veered of what the Constitution said or from the strong moral principles she followed throughout her life. Her more than 2 decades in public service, had prepared to serve upon our nation's highest court and guaranteed that the principals of the Supreme Court remained at the forefront of every decision her and the other Justices made within the court.

Her life was was devoted to public service, starting our as a small time lawyer, to then inching her way up to ADA, and then DA of two separate Counties. She was committed to enforcing the law and ensuring that those who violated the law were punished appropriately. She cared deeply about the country in which she served. Her death leaves a lasting impact on the Supreme Court and no Justice will ever be able to replace her kindness, empathy and sympathy. Her death marks the end of an incredible life lived. May she rest in eternal peace, and may her family grieve her loss and be comforted by the fact that she was respected and loved by people across the nation and world.


John McCallum

President Of The United States Of Jesstopia