President McCallum's 2023 Christmas Day Speech


December 25, 2023

Christmas Time is an important day to remember our lord and savior for the sacrifices he made to bring us our families and the good lives we live and to cherish the ones we love, especially our parents, siblings and children.

Christmas time this year looks a little different in my family. The loss of my beloved daughter, and my dearest mother, last year, the death of my son in 2019 is also felt all the way up until today, and will continue to belf for my remaining years. But as Christmas Day is here, we continue to embrace the ones we have here on earth and remember the ones that have gone before us.

This Christmas, the last on that I have as your President, I am reminded of how cherishedthis country is and I have not lost sight of that. In the spirit of Christmas, I would like to provide some relief for our homeless Jesstopians. I am sending over J 2 Billion per state to focus on feeding the homeless, provide shelters through the New Years and would like to issue over J2,000 dollars to each Jesstopian house hold.

I am committed to working hard in the upcoming 2024 year. I am constantly reminded by family that our nation has more in common than we do different. I am reminded that any differences that we do have make this country as unique as the people that live here are.

As you celebrate Christmas this year, please remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ made so that we could enjoy this most sacred day. May god be good to you all and may god continue to watch over the United States Of Jesstopia.

From Amber and I, we would like to wish you all a fun, happy and merry Christmas Day and a Happy New Year.


John McCallum

President Of The United States Of Jesstopia