Statement From President McCallum On Violent Protests 2024

Statement From President John McCallum

For Immediate Release

THE PRESS ROOM - Good afternoon everyone, as many of you are probably aware of, the violent protests that have plagued the country as a result of the signing of the 2024 Adult Content Ban, something we've worked for months to get passed. While many people don't agree with the ban, it is something that is necessary to protect the children of this country, from the dangerous, inappropriate and malicious groups that use this type of content to conduct unfathomable acts upon one another. I am not here to rebuke the ban, but to issue a stern warning to the people who continue to protest. My message can't be any clearer than this: "Continue to violently protest, you will be arrested and charged. Attack ANY STATE, LOCAL OR FEDERAL building, you WILL be charged. The Jesstopian military is being activated to eleviate stresses on law enforcement agencies across the nation. Governor's, through Executive Order