The Nationalist House is required by J.S.C Title 105, Article III, Subsection 9 "Mandated Disclosure Of Temporary or Permanent Changes To A Federal Government Building, Grounds or Basements," so we are releasing this official guide to what the 2023 Capital Project will include, when to expect the work to start and how much each item is bound to cost the Federal Tax Payers.

Upgrading The Grounds And Facilities At The Nationalist House.


The Nationalist House

019 Nationalist Ave

Rufus County, New Shire, 11443

WORK TYPE: Facilities/Upgrades

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Implementation of a 50m x 20m pool located at the South End of the Nationalist House's main building. The work will start in the South End and work its way to the North End where a steam room will be constructed. A small workout room will be constructed at the East End of the building.